9 Furnace Efficiency Tips and Tricks

9 Furnace Efficiency Tips and Tricks

Heating repair experts in Los Angeles state that heating and cooling costs could account for more than half of your total energy costs. This makes heating one of the biggest energy costs for the average U.S. home.

Knowing the various components in the HVAC system and keeping it operating efficiently will ensure that your system is operating at its peak when you require it most this winter.

Tips To Improve The Efficiency Of Furnaces

Here’s a list of simple and affordable methods to increase the efficiency of your furnace at home. These tips will ensure you get the maximum from your system while reducing energy costs.

  1. Sweep dust and other debris from your indoor supply vents to ensure a steady airflow through your system. Keep things such as furniture and blinds away to avoid obstructing the vents.

  2. A lot of furnaces have the option to stop their operation when the service door is not closed. If the furnace isn’t producing heat, you can open the door to service and close it once more. Make sure everything is tightly shut, then try turning the furnace back on.

  3. Conduct an energy audit of your house, and learn how to improve your home’s efficiency. With a specially-designed thermal device, our heating contractor in Los Angeles will identify the areas that are losing heat. Our technician will also examine the efficiency of your appliances.

  4. Insulate any ductwork that is exposed. Check that ductwork running through an unconditioned area is sealed in a way that does not leak any of the heated air. It is possible to fix visible leaks using special duct sealing tape; however, ensure that a professional checks the ductwork on the next heating repair visit in Los Angeles.

  5. Make sure you get your system checked by an experienced professional at least every year to ensure that the equipment, connections, and ductwork are in good order in the event of cold weather.

  6. If your HVAC system isn’t working at a high level recently, the air flowing from the vents is humid or dusty, or it’s been a while since the last maintenance, it might be time to replace a filter. Filters that are dirty or outdated can affect air quality, lead to inefficiency, and reduce airflow from the vents.

  7. A couple of degrees less warm when you’re asleep or away can greatly impact the cost of heating. Savings of 10-12% are achievable when you keep your heating system 5 to 10 degrees cooler during the night or while away from home.

  8. If you’ve been with your heater for years, it’s the right time to say goodbye to your furnace. While the initial cost may appear high, you’ll be amazed by the speed at which high-efficiency furnaces profit when contrasted with a conventional furnace. Tax benefits could also be available when you upgrade your furnace with a more efficient model.

  9. Outdoor coils must also be regularly cleaned with water and inspected. If ice develops on the outside of the coil of a heater during winter, be aware that it is normal and no action is required. The heat pump has a defrost feature to melt the ice, which should be turned on automatically to melt the snow.

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