How Much Does Electric Duct Heating Cost?

How Much Does Electric Duct Heating Cost?

Due to the high heat, many homeowners turn on their air conditioning without hesitation to maintain a pleasant temperature in their house. However, because heating and cooling expenditures account for high energy bills, the prices may quickly pile up.

Ducted systems are well-known for being very effective and energy-efficient. But do you know how much does ducted heating costs to operate?

What is Ducted Heating?

Hot air is forced into the residence by a system of ducted pipes from a gas heater or a reverse cycle air conditioner unit via vents in the ceiling, wall, or floor. A return vent is also included to assist in circulating warm air back into the system.

The temperature within the home, or particular zones, is maintained by a thermostat. A programmable panel controls the complete system installed conveniently and let you choose the temperature, operating time, and the zones you want to be heated.

What Factors Influence The Cost of Running Ducted Air Conditioning?

Several factors, including determining the cost of running ducted air conditioning

  • Your system’s size and type.
  • Your system’s energy efficiency.
  • The temperature you set on the thermostat.
  • What time(s) and how long do you utilize the system.
  • What your house is made of and how many floors it has.
  • The size and direction of your rooms, as well as the height of your ceilings.
  • Whether your home is insulated or not, and if so, how well it is insulated.

What is The Cost to Run a Ducted System?

The following criteria, as well as your power supplier and tariff structure, all have a role. According to a Canstar Blue survey, the average home might spend between $300 and $600 per year on power. It matches the findings of a previous Choice magazine study that looked at expenses based on system capacity and power use, with the following results:
Annual Operating Costs and Size:

  • $306 to $492 for small – up to 4kW
  • $391 to $552 for medium – 4-6kW
  • $286 to $586 for large – more than 6kW

How To Reduce Power Bills?

There are several things you may do to lower your electricity expenses, including:
Changing the Thermostat: The simplest approach to save money on your power bill is to keep the temperature consistent throughout the day.
Adding Insulation to Your Home: Insulation will not only keep your home cool in the summer, but it will also make it simpler to heat in the winter.
Keeping Things Up to Date: Having your air conditioner serviced regularly is probably the most cost-effective strategy to save money. It includes hiring a qualified expert who can do the heating installation in Los Angeles. Also, clean and replace filters and coils, and conduct any necessary preventative repairs, to extend the life of the HVAC system and keep your house comfortably cool and comfortable all year.

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