What To Expect From A Heating Professional During A Routine Furnace Inspection

What To Expect From A Heating Professional During A Routine Furnace Inspection

The furnace is an essential part of home appliance systems. According to our professional HVAC service providers, every house owner must be aware of yearly maintenance work. In this blog, let us tell you how this tune-up process happens.

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Things You Can Expect From The HVAC Technicians in The Furnace Tune-Up Process

  • Air Filter Inspection

A furnace tune-up needs to be completed with the air filter inspection. The filters are responsible for dirt-free indoor air. That is why the technicians remain extra careful about the filters. An expert will ensure that the furnace is installed with clean or replaced air filters in the end.

  • The Thermostat Recalibration

A thermostat distributes the temperature evenly across your house. Our heating repair technicians in Los Angeles inspect the thermostat connection and recalibrate it according to your furnace.

  • Heat Exchanger Inspection

A heat exchanger ensures that you can get a comfortable temperature in your house in the sheer cold weather. You can face carbon monoxide leakage if this furnace part gets corroded, rusted, or cracked. Our HVAC experts also focus on this part and get it fixed immediately.

  • Air Vents Inspection

Air ducts and vents are an inseparable part of an HVAC system. Since the duct system is quite complex, you should refrain from trying any DIY method to repair any related issues. The technicians are expert and trained professionals who know every corner of the ducts. An adequate inspection of the ducts is done, and if any damage or leak is discovered, the technicians will repair it then and there.

  • The Blower Motor Inspection

Our technician pays special attention to the blower motor and wheel. The entire furnace system might collapse if these two do not work properly. If you do happen to require heating installation in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas, contact Precise Air Systems, Inc for assistance.

  • The Ignition Light Inspection

The ignition flame must be blue, indicating the good working condition of the system. The yellow flame signifies the failing condition of the system. The experts will clean the burner and place it correctly for proper ignition.

  • Lubricating Moving Part of The System

A thorough furnace tune-up concludes with the oiling of every moving part of your system. The technicians ensure that every part remains in working condition and you can get the best service from your furnace. It also increases the life expectancy of your furnace and decreases any possibility of high utility bills.


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