Why Does Your Furnace Limit Switch Keep Tripping?

In order to make your house warm, numerous parts in your furnace must work properly. When components fail, the system can become less efficient or stop working altogether. A furnace limit switch that frequently trips is one of the most prevalent problems that homeowners face.

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What is Causing the High Limit Switch on the Furnace to keep Tripping?

A furnace’s limit switch is a safety feature, but unpredictable behavior could indicate that part of the furnace’s components is malfunctioning. Tripping is frequently caused by one of three factors: an inadequate furnace filter, defective wiring or installation, or a lack of airflow into the furnace.

The following are the reasons why the furnace’s limit switch keeps tripping:

1. Short Cycling

If the limit switch detects that something is amiss with the furnace, it will shut it down. Short cycling, or a quick change in temperature between heating and cooling cycles, can cause the heat limit switch (HLS) to trip sooner than planned, disrupting your home’s living temperature.

Short-cycling happens when the air ducts accumulate too much or too little heat during each cycle. This is most common with furnaces that are larger than what is required for a home. The outcome is rapid overheating and cooling, causing the high limit switch to close and open at extremely short intervals, resulting in tripping.

2. A Dirty Flame Sensor Rod

A metal rod that regulates the draft in gas furnaces is known as the flame sensor rod. If the sensor becomes dirty, it may be unable to detect the temperature of the air moving through the furnace. As a result, unpredictable responses and frequent tripping are common.

If your HVAC system hasn’t been serviced in more than two years, the HLS tripping issues are probably caused by a dirty flame sensor rod that’s been clogged with dirt, soot, and even dust. For this purpose, you can contact a professional or a company that deals in heating repair in Los Angeles.

3. Airflow Issues

A dirty air filter might contribute to an overheated furnace. As a result, restricted airflow causes unpredictable tripping and the opening of your furnace’s high limit switch.

The furnace’s capacity to perceive when it should run is hampered by dirty or clogged air passageways, leading to problems with the high limit switch.

4. Overheating

Overheating is frequent in older HVAC systems and those that aren’t serviced regularly. Dirty filters, a caked sensor rod, dirty blowers, and a defective pilot light are all causes of overheating, resulting in the high limit switch triggering frequently. If you have an older unit in your house, overheating concerns may occur in a shorter period of time.

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