Can The Air Conditioner Be Turned On During A Thunderstorm?

Using the air conditioner during a thunderstorm may damage your air conditioner. So it is best to turn the AC off when the weather gets bad. Fortunately, humidity and temperature will drop during storms, so you will feel some relief even if you do not use air conditioning.

Why Is It Essential To power Off The Air Conditioner During A Storm?

  • Lightning Strikes

Although lightning strikes rarely occur at home, they are undeniable during thunderstorms. When the power line is attached to the roof, the power outage is vulnerable to lightning strikes. It will generate a significant voltage surge in your electrical system.

  • AC Damage

Lightning destruction can lead your AC unit unusable and melt the plugin of the device. The AC control panel is full of sophisticated circuits, which may be damaged, requiring significant repairs or even renewal of the entire unit.

How To Protect Your AC

Install a high protection system in your house to keep your air conditioner safe. It is especially crucial if you live in a place that’s prone to thunderstorms.

Lightning rods and conductors direct lightning safely into the ground and away from your house. Whatever they don’t provide guaranteed protection, so it’s best to turn off your AC during thunderstorms to be safe.

Can I Use My AC During A Thunderstorm?

It is safe to turn on the air conditioner when it rains. Rain does not affect the usual operation of the outdoor unit. Using air conditioners on humid and rainy days can make your home more comfortable-the indoor evaporator coil absorbs moisture and reduces humidity, increasing indoor comfort.

How To Know If Lightning Hit Your Air Conditioner?

The priority is to check the thermostat. If it is off, try to turn it on. If it does not respond, check whether the circuit breaker has not tripped. Even if it does not, turn it off and then turn it on again to reset it.
Then replace the battery in the thermostat. If it still doesn’t turn on, be sure to call AC maintenance in Los Angeles to check.

The Damage Lightning Can Cause to Your AC Unit

If lightning strikes your air conditioner, it may affect multiple components. When your air conditioner is off, these parts are slightly damaged:

  • Fuse – When you turn off the AC power, you can prevent lightning strikes from entering the power lines, which may trip the circuit breaker or burn the fuse in the worst case.
  • Cables – AC disconnection protects your cables from lightning damage.
  • Capacitors – Among all parts of the AC power supply, capacitors are most vulnerable to lightning strikes. If something goes wrong, the capacitor will have a chain reaction with other parts of the device.
  • Compressor – You do not want anything to happen to your compressor. Damage diagnosis not only requires more time but also repairs one of the most expensive components.

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