Does Shading Your Outside AC Unit Help?

Outside Air Conditioning Unit

No one likes extreme temperatures. Just like you, your air conditioner needs shade in the hot summers and harsh winters to function efficiently. This is because shading cools down the temperature around the air conditioner which helps with the load of the device. So yes, shading your air conditioners outside the unit helps.

Facts About Shading

  • Increased Efficiency
    As the device’s load is reduced due to the cooling by shading, the efficiency rises. This will make your air conditioner work at full capacity with ease.
  • Don’t Smother
    Sometimes, when you provide shading to your air conditioner units using plants, the airflow is restricted, affecting the functioning of the system. Heated air from the unit will recirculate in your room if the circulation is affected.
  • Shading From The Sun
    The window units are smaller and much more compact. These small AC units circulate less air than heavy condenser units. If the sun hits these small condenser units directly the device loses around 10% of its efficiency.
  • Shading Your Home
    To have maximum benefit from your air conditioner, shade your entire home! Increasing the shading of your home will create a microclimate that will help the temperature to cool down automatically. This will help the air conditioner to cool your room as the home is already a little cold.

Best Ways To Shade Your AC

Now that you know the advantages of shading, here are some ways to shade your air conditioner – 

  • Trees
    Try to place the air conditioner under the trees. Trees are the best and natural materials that provide you with shading. However, if your area is prone to cyclones and earthquakes avoid stress as they may fall on your device and damage it.
  • Shrubs
    Shrubs and bushes can also be used to provide shading. make sure that the airflow is not blocked before installing. Call an expert for air conditioning installation in Los Angeles so that you do not have to deal with the difficult installation tasks. 
  • The North Side
    Try to install your air conditioner on the north side of your home. This north side is usually preferred because the north side is the coolest among all four sides.
  • The Other Sides
    If your air conditioner unit is on the south side, then try to plant tall trees and have expansive crowns to provide shading. Any tree that grows to a height of eight feet will be sufficient to provide you with shading within one year of planting. You can even change the place and reinstall your air conditioner to the north side. Schedule an ac installation in Los Angeles and then reinstall your device. 
  • Walkways
    Pavements usually absorb more heat from the sun than soil making the air above warmer. If there are any walkways near your AC unit, shade them too. Small shrubs will be enough to shade walkways.

Shading your air conditioner will enhance the device’s efficiency, cut down on electricity charges, and even increase your device’s durability. Contact us at (818) 873-6581 or [email protected] for air conditioning installation in Los Angeles.