How Do You Protect Your Outside AC Unit From Rain?

How Do You Protect Your Outside AC Unit From Rain?

You might think rain is just a harmless water shower and does not affect your AC as it is made up of iron, aluminum, and copper, but that’s not right. Since the AC unit resides outside the house, it can easily be overflowed by the rainwater and damage your unit inside. Therefore, it becomes necessary that you ensure no damage to your system and that it functions well regularly.

Keep reading below to know all about protecting your air conditioner from rain. And if your AC suffers any damage for any reason, opt for air conditioning repair in Los Angeles.

  • Covering the Unit

Suppose you wonder whether you need to cover the outside AC unit before it rains or not. The answer is no. You don’t need to do it as your outdoor unit is very strong and built to stand up to extreme weather conditions, even heavy snowfall.

There are tiny holes present throughout your outside AC unit, allowing the air to get in and dry out. Apart from this, animals like rodents can also find shelter during cold inside your cover.

  • Regular Maintenance

Every homeowner should be aware of the benefits of regular maintenance. It is your one solution for every problem related to the air conditioner after getting maintenance services, including timely cleanings and necessary tuneups for your air conditioner from a professional. You will be able to avoid any potential issue that might cause severe harm to your unit.

  • Using AC in Rain

Many homeowners think that using the air conditioner during rain is not good as it might lead to some short and any other breakdown in the unit. But in reality, this is not true. If your air conditioner is well maintained, then even heavy rainfalls will not be able to cause any harm to it or affect its peak performance.

  • Flooding

In case of floods, and your unit is submerged in the water, it will cause severe damage to your unit and require a costly repair. Thus, it is better to have your AC unit installed in a high elevated area to prevent flood damage. Or you can also go for installing a floodwall around your system. You can consult the floodplain maps of your region to know more about the possible flood water heights near your home.

  • Clean Yard

During heavy storms, the debris or any falling tree branch might cause damage to your AC unit. To prevent such extensive damage, you should ensure that all the trees are trimmed and shortened, and fallen branches are removed from the area around your AC unit.

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