How Do You Unfreeze An Air Conditioner Quickly?

How Do You Unfreeze An Air Conditioner Quickly?

It can be your worst nightmare if your air conditioning system isn’t working on a humid summer day. What can be worse is if you inspect the air conditioner and discover a pile of ice inside your unit, known as a frozen air conditioner.

In this case, the simplest solution is to turn off the AC at the breaker. The ice blocking your unit will have melted within 24 to 48 hours, and you can turn the AC back on. However, if you cannot perform this accurately, it is better to call professional HVAC experts for your air conditioning service in Los Angeles.

How Do You Unfreeze The Ice On Your Air Conditioner?

Below are some ways to unfreeze the accumulated ice on your air conditioning device:

Deactivate The Air Conditioner

When you realize your air conditioner has frozen, you should first turn it off. Running a frozen air conditioner can harm the most costly component inside, costing you considerable money to replace.

Most people only turn off the control center and the thermostat, but we recommend that you turn off the electrical breaker. It will turn off the air conditioner and allow the exchanger coils to warm up and melt the ice.

Try a Bit of Heat

Simply turning off the air conditioner will not melt the ice quickly enough. It may require several days before the AC is completely dry. However, you can expedite this process by applying heat to the ice.

Hold a blow dryer at least 10 inches away from the heat exchanger to heat the ice and defrost it. Don’t raise the temperature or get closer than 10 inches away because the heat can damage the evaporator coils.

Examine The Draining Components

When ice melts and becomes fluid, it trickles into a condensate drain pan and drains outside via a condensate sewer line, which is a white PVC pipe. Sometimes, the condenser water line can become clogged due to dirty water, mold inside, or the AC not being cleaned in a long time.

Water drips onto the drain pan but does not drain because the pipe is blocked up. It causes an overflow, harming the AC components or causing another freezing event. Water will leak around your AC when you melt the ice, and you will notice water blemishes on the ceiling if the pipe is clogged.

Address The Root Cause of Freezing

Unfortunately, the extremely cold air conditioner is just a symptom of a larger problem. Even if you learn how to defrost an air conditioner, you must still determine the cause because if you do not, the problem will reoccur.

A blocked-up air filter is frequently the obvious culprit. If the air filter is even slightly dirty and hasn’t been supplanted in over a month, it prevents warm air from entering the AC unit, causing the connectors to stay cold and freeze. The solution is to replace the filter as soon as possible.

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