Signs Of A Bad Evaporator Coil

Whether you know it or not, your air conditioner unit comprises many parts that work together to provide a calmer atmosphere and make you feel comfortable in hot summers. One of those components is the evaporator coils, and they are responsible for compressing the refrigerant that helps to cool down the air.

If they are damaged or dirty, you can quickly find yourself without cold airflow. Fortunately, AC repair in Los Angeles provides immediate services for evaporator coil cleaning and replacement.

Top Signs Your Coils Are Damaged

  • Temperature issues: Is your air conditioner unable to provide cold temperatures consistently? Is it cool at night and warmer during the day? These temperature issues are common indicators of evaporator coil problems.
  • Increased energy costs: If the coils are frozen, they are less efficient at cooling the air. If your AC takes a long time to cool your home or your energy bills are increasing, you surely need an immediate air conditioning repair in Los Angeles to diagnose the damaged evaporator coil.
  • Excess humidity: Damaged evaporator coil can get frozen, and it defrosts during the daytime, especially in warmer climates. This results in excess moisture seeping under your unit and makes you feel uncomfortable due to increased humidity.

Benefits Of Routine AC Evaporator Coil Cleaning

  • Improved comfort: Homeowners in Los Angeles are aware of rising temperatures. With clean and effective evaporator coils, you can expect cool, comfortable temperatures even on the hottest days.
  • Cost-saving: Cleaning of evaporator coil will help your system run efficiently, which will always lead to lower energy costs. However, by opting for cleaning, you can also avoid the cost of replacing the evaporator coil.
  • Increased life: One of the biggest problems with evaporator coil damage is that it makes your air conditioner work hard to cool your home. This can quickly affect the life of your unit, especially if it is ignored. With routine cleaning of the coils, you can extend the life of the coils and the unit as a whole.

Tips To Avoid Evaporator Coil Replacement

The most important thing to consider is whether the air conditioner has multiple moving parts that help keep the home cool. While the evaporator coils are primarily out of sight and inside the unit, you can still do many things to avoid replacing the evaporator coils.

Initially, keeping up with air filter replacement by AC repair in Los Angeles can be the best solution. This keeps dust and dirt off the coils, which is a significant cause of frostbite and damage. Moreover, keeping debris away from the unit is an essential key too. Cleaning the AC evaporator coil is a detailed service performed by an experienced air conditioning repair in Los Angeles.

At Precise Air Systems Inc., we use the latest tools and methods to effectively remove dust and dirt without damaging the fins within the coils. Additionally, we will also check the entire system to make sure it’s ready to cool down again quickly.

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