The Consequences of Not Changing AC Filter Timely

The AC filter is one of the most underappreciated parts of the household. Why wait till your equipment breaks down or fails to act? Your filter is critical in purifying the air that passes through your air conditioner. It can collect and prevent particles and contaminants, which would otherwise harm the health of residents.

Although it is possible to run your air conditioner without a filter, HVAC specialists like AC installation in Los Angeles strongly advise against it because an air conditioner without a filter is prone to all types of debris and dirt.

How Often Should I Replace The Air Conditioner Filter?

The answer is dependent on several things –

  • The type of filter used
  • The quality of the indoor air
  • The number and variety of pets in your home
  • The number of residents in the house

According to HVAC professionals like AC maintenance in Los Angeles, a decent rule of thumb is to replace the air filter every 30 – 90 days. Whether you have a conventional air filter or a higher-level air filter, failing to replace it will result in the following issues in your home –

1. Airflow Disruption

Failure to replace the air conditioning filter assembly will increase dust and pollutants. The air conditioner’s effectiveness will deteriorate over time.

2. Inadequate Cooling

  • Particles and dirt on the cooling coil will reduce the air conditioner’s performance.
  • Frost on the coils, fans, and other components might make it impossible for the system to provide the necessary level of cooling.
  • Dust and other pollutants will put pressure on different sections of the AC power, reducing the HVAC system’s lifespan by 5 to 10 years.

3. Clamped-Up Coils

  • If the air filter becomes clogged, the air will not flow properly through the coils, leading them to stop operating and the entire system to fail.
  • Again, the cost of resolving this issue is greater than the cost of replacing an air filter every few months. Change the air filter regularly to protect your HVAC system and save your money.

4. Higher Bills

  • Dirty air filters contaminate your air conditioner, making it work more to maintain the desired temperature.
  • As a result of the added effort, the electricity demand will rise, resulting in higher energy expenses.

5. Mold Infection

  • Even high-quality filters need to be cleaned and replaced due to moisture and mildew.
  • Moisture will build up in the piping system, leading to mold growth if the pipe is excessively damp.
  • Mold, pollen, and bacteria can swiftly spread throughout a structure, causing significant illnesses in residents.

6. Health Concerns

  • If the air filter becomes clogged and no longer captures pollutants as effectively as it once did, these pollutants will eventually find their way back into the air that everyone in the house breathes.
  • Headaches, irritated eyes or throat, and dizziness are examples of direct difficulties.
  • Long-term consequences of not replacing the air filter include lung problems, heart disease, and cancer.

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