Top Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Isn’t Cooling Sufficiently

Don’t worry if your AC has suddenly started to blow hot air or is not cooling enough. If you spot minor issues quickly and fix them, your AC will be good as new in no time. So check out what can be the possible reasons behind your AC malfunctioning now!
Further, if you don’t feel confident enough to troubleshoot the problems yourself, professional A repair in Los Angeles can help you too!
So let’s start.

Why Is My Air Conditioning System Not Working Suitably?

  • Is The Air Duct Damaged?

Air duct damage with time, rodents & dirt build-up can be the reason. However, when it does, your AC can stop cooling your room the way it should. So, have your air ducts inspected by a professional AC repair in Los Angeles services for any possible repairs.

  • A Tripped Circuit Breaker Can Be The Reason For AC Not Cooling Too!

Did you know that many ACs have 2 circuit breakers? Yes, while one is for the outdoor unit, another one is for the inside AC unit. Now, If the outdoor AC unit’s breaker has tripped, the indoor AC unit will still blow air into your home. Therefore, if you notice your AC is blowing warm air, do not forget to check the circuit breakers.

  • Check If The AC Outdoor Unit Has A Blockage.

If the condenser coil in the outside AC unit is dirty, it won’t release any built-up heat. Therefore, remove the dirt and obstructions in time to stop further damage.

  • Thermostat Setting And Broken Condenser Fan

If the thermostat setting is not correct or the condenser fan has damages, your AC won’t dissipate heat and cool your home. So, if your AC is not cooling your room, get the thermostat and condenser fan checked out.

  • Is There Dirt Build-Up In The Air Filter?

A dirty air filter not only degrades the indoor air quality but can freeze your evaporator coil & damage it. So remember to change air filters if you notice AC cooling issues.

  • Water Damage Can Be The Worst Problem Of All.

Therefore, if your condensate drain line is clogged up, use a vacuum to unclog the drain line fast. In case of leakage, call a technician for air conditioning repair in Los Angeles. They will replace the damaged parts.

  • Did You Check The Compressor?

Do you know that you will have to replace the outside unit if your compressor is damaged? Yes, a compressor is that vital to the Air Conditioner. Therefore, if you see cooling issues, the first thing you must do is have a professional technician take a look at the compressor.

Wrapping Up

There can be various reasons like refrigerant leaks, power issues, and broken AC parts behind an AC not functioning rightly. So, if you find it overwhelming to discover and fix the AC issues, leave the difficult work to AC repair in Los Angeles services like Precise Air Systems Inc. Email us now at [email protected] to resolve your AC issue fast.