What Are The Symptoms Of A Bad AC Relay?

air conditioner relay

During the scorching summer heat, nothing is more frustrating than a bad air conditioning unit. Like the electric relay that supplies power to a car, a compressor relay in an air conditioner is responsible for providing power to the compressor, which manages the smooth operation of an air conditioner. Hence, it can be said that the AC unit will not function properly with a compressor relay.

Signs Your AC Holds a Bad Relay

If your air conditioner is acting up lately and not providing you with proper cooling despite all the efforts from your end, there might be a problem with the compressor relay. Mentioned hereunder are igns your air conditioner will manifest if it holds a bad relay

You can watch for these signs and call for an air conditioning repair in Los Angeles immediately to prevent your air conditioner from further damage – 

  • Erratic Cooling
    The compressor of an air conditioner takes power from its relay. If the relay itself is not working accurately, then the air conditioning unit will not deliver cool air correctly. When a compressor relay begins to malfunction, it might supply depleted or shifting load to the compressor, resulting in the weak or irregular functioning of an air-conditioner unit. Your air conditioner might run fine in one moment and then shut off instantly or produce erratic performance. This may be a possible indication that your AC holds a bad relay and it requires some repair. 

  • The Compressor of AC Not Turning On
    Another prominent sign that your AC might hold a bad relay is that your unit’s compressor might not turn on. When the air conditioner is turned on in numerous cases, you will notice a sound coming from the compressor.  It will customarily generate a natural clicking sound from the clutch that is stimulated. However, if there is any problem with the relay of the compressor, your compressor will not even turn on. 

  • No Cool Airflow
    Another indication that your AC relay has probably failed is that there will be no cool air supply at all from the air conditioner unit. If the compressor relay fails, the compressor responsible for circulating cool air will not function. Hence, the air conditioning system will be incapable of producing any cool air. While there are numerous causes as to why an air conditioner might stop providing cool air, a bad relay can be one of the most prevalent reasons.

If you are currently encountering problems with your air conditioner unit and speculate that it could be due to a bad relay, getting it diagnosed by a trained professional is highly recommended. Precise Air Systems INC is one of the most prominent names you can trust for your AC repair in Los Angeles. Call at (818) 873-6581 for more information.