What Happens If The AC Filter Is Not Cleaned?

What Happens If The AC Filter Is Not Cleaned?

It should be appreciated that a small thing like a filter is an integral part of your AC. The cooling system can malfunction or break down if it is ignored or not cleaned.. This article will tell you what could happen if your AC filter is not clean.

Why You Should Clean Your AC Filter

The air conditioning filter in your home may look simple, but it’s an important part of your HVAC system. Let’s have a look at the importance of cleaning or replacing an air filter:

  • Reduced Efficiency

When the AC filter is full of dirt and dust, the machine will use more energy to get rid of the air. This can result in increased power use and high electricity costs. Another reason to be concerned is the damaging effect on the environment.

  • AC Overheats

If the air conditioning filters are clogged, the air conditioner may not work as well as it should. If this happened, the system could get too hot, which would cause the blower and other important AC parts to break.

You will also need to arrange air conditioning service in Los Angeles, CA, more frequently. This calls for more replacements as well.

  • More Health Problems

If the AC filter is too full of dirt, toxic pollutants could enter the ducts. After that, the contaminants may get into the air in the room, making it less healthy and posing more health risks. People with allergies or asthma can feel worse when their filters are dirty, which can worsen the situation.

  • Bad Temperatures

One of the most obvious problems caused by a dirty air filter is that the air inside your home doesn’t cool to the right temperature. If you don’t have enough cooling, your home will get too hot to be comfortable. Check your air filter if your home is too warm or doesn’t cool down enough.

  • Wear and Tear

When filters are dirty, they can cause several problems, such as ice buildup and decreased efficiency. But even if none of those things happen, the debris could eventually hurt the sensitive parts of your AC unit. This can shorten the life of your system by causing it to wear out faster than it should.

  • Airflow Disruption

However, dust and impurities can build up in the blower fans and air ducts if the air conditioning filter components aren’t changed frequently enough. The amount of available room for air to move through may be limited. The performance of an air conditioner will deteriorate over time, and it could finally stop working altogether.

  • Buildup of Ice

It may be stuck if your system isn’t making as much cold air as it should. This happens because dirty filters stop cold air from moving through the system. This causes cold air to build up inside the system and freeze it.

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